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The Principles of Treatment

Nature acts powerfully through healing mechanisms in the body and mind to maintain and restore health. Doctors of chiropractic help to restore and support the inherent healing systems by correcting nerve root impingement. As the largest drugless healthcare system in the world, Chiropractic has deep roots in holistic and spiritually oriented health care. Developed by the magnetic healer D. D. Palmer in 1895, Chiropractic has always relied on the inherent wisdom of the body.


Doctors of Chiropractic prefer to use their method of corrective spinal manipulation to offer assistance to the body’s natural healing process. When the natural self-repair mechanisms of the body are disrupted because of subluxations- misalignment of the vertebrae or meninges, a state of dis-ease occurs. Not only physical stressors, but any kind of mental, emotional, or chemical stress that exceeds the body’s natural ability to adapt can lead to subluxations. We are trained to identify which patients we can treat safely and which ones need to be referred to other health care providers. We have a very good referral network, if your condition warrants a referral.


Every illness has an underlying cause. Usually the cause is found to have many effects. In conjunction with positive findings for subluxations, other factors such as emotional, dietary, environmental, genetic, and particular lifestyle habits are contributors. Since the spinal cord is the central communication system of the entire body, subluxations tend to impede energy flow. Then end result is that the body becomes less flexible, and the individual is less able to adapt to and recover from life’s challenges.


Aligning yourself with a health care system whose approach is to prevent minor imbalances from developing  into more serious conditions just makes good sense. Because of my extensive training in nutrition, I can pass on to our patients the principles with which to live a healthy life, thus helping to avoid health risks that are common place today.

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