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What is Holistic Healthcare?

In the late 1970’s a unique book was published entitled The Aquarium Conspiracy, which sounded much like a spy novel. Quite to the contrary, it was a unique gathering of verifiable information that seemed to point us in the direction that “business as usual” was beginning to show is flaws. Marilyn Ferguson looked at our systems; i.e., education, business, health care, mathematics, physics, human interactions… and noticed that small but significant shifts were occurring – shifts that intrinsically aligned themselves with ideals not just more ideas. She stated that soon people would find themselves in binds if they ever not living a life that truly nourished their whole being. To us, here at Heights Chiropractic and Health Centre, it is obvious that today we are in full swing of reflecting this ethic.

Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D.,¬† is quoted as saying, “Modern medical treatments too often sow the seeds of the illnesses of the future.” He goes on to say that 80% of modern pharmaceuticals prescribed by doctors are either optional or of marginal benefit because they don’t affect the outcome of disease. Crisis intervention, with our modern technology, based on excellent research, is very impressive. But what is being done about educating people as to the true nature of the healthy state? When do people become aware that they are directly responsible for their own state of health?

A truly healthy person is one whose body and mind are in balance. Therefore a holistic practitioner’s first question to a new patient would not necessarily be “What disease do you have?” but instead “Who are you?” If you assume that the homeostatic mechanism of our body is always at work (this is a fact, by the way) then the next obvious question would be what mechanisms on what level of his/her being have gotten out of balance. After identifying what has occurred, one would look to the cause, how did this imbalance occur and what type of environment is present that allowed this imbalance to get so far from its center? This is where a holistic environment is beneficial both to the practitioners working together or by referral, and to the specific patient being treated. Instead of looking only at the presenting disease and attempting to eradicate it by manipulating the biochemical environment through drugs or surgically removing the disease, an opportunity is present for the patient and the practitioner to learn how to recreate balance and health.

Holistic chiropractic services are available at the office. Other supportive services  are available by direct referral to practitioners in our Long Beach Community, which include: holistic medical doctors, yoga, Tai chi, reflexology, specialty body therapies, (Rolfing, Trager, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Meditation.)

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