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The Process of Healing

I would like to speak to the process of healing which I continually experience while working with my patients. We are given one body. What we do with our body has a direct effect on the quality of life we experience. When we are young, it seems that we are invincible, so very little thought is directed toward health and balance. Fortunately, there is a mechanism that is operating that is called the homeostatic mechanism and its job is to keep bringing our body back to “balance.” As a Doctor of Chiropractic, my training has sensitized me to look for the first signs of imbalance by evaluating the nervous system. When people experience severe pain and limitation for the first time, there is pattern I notice occurs. Usually the event (lifting, falling, twisting) in the patient’s mind, doesn’t warrant the severity of pain. Unless the event is traumatic, as would be in the case of an auto accident, work accident, or a sports injury, most people can not see the relationship to their injury. It is important to introduce the notion of cause and effect. If you continually lift, sit, or sleep incorrectly, there will come a point in time where the cumulative effect of your behavior will catch up with you and you will experience the effect – which usually is PAIN. All the advertising directs you to take this pill or that pill to reduce your pain.

1. Accurately diagnose and treat the presenting musculo-skeletal condition.

2. Work with the patient in order to reach their pre injury state.

3. Counsel the patient on how, biochemically, the injury occurred and offer guidance on how not to re-injure themselves.

4. Alert the patient to subtle “warning signs” of potential pending musculo-skeletal problems.

5. Teach the patient to become self responsible for their healthcare, thus avoiding the need to have pain be their only guideline for an imbalanced situation.

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